FrontRunner Announces “EasyID” – A Virtual Identification Tool

Frontrunner Professional Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases June 16, 2020
FrontRunner Announces “EasyID” – A Virtual Identification Tool

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FrontRunner Announces “EasyID” – A Virtual Identification Tool

FrontRunner Professional is proud to announce the release of their new virtual identification tool, EasyID. With this tool, a family member no longer has to visit the crematory or funeral home to identify their loved one. EasyID uses email technology to provide a secure portal to verify the identity of the remains.

“We’re always looking for ways to make serving a family easier for everyone. EasyID is a great tool because it’s one less trip the family has to make when mourning a loss. The tool allows them to complete the important identification step needed, from the comfort of home. At the same time, it provides the funeral home staff with extra time to complete other work” says FrontRunner CEO, Jules Green.

EasyID is a unique way to accommodate families and make things easier for them. By sending a photo to verify the remains, the family can complete the process on their time, when they are ready to do so. It’s convenient for them, and timesaving for the funeral home. Upon receiving the verification email, the family will click to enter a secure portal. An image of the deceased will then appear to identify. Upon verification, the image disappears.

“Every family is different. For some, they might feel uncomfortable identifying remains in person. Others may have to travel to the area to be there in person. EasyID offers them the chance to complete this responsibility in a more private setting. It’s a convenient tool to offer families as an alternative if they need it. Families and funeral professionals can rest assured that the information shared is protected and secure” concludes Green.

EasyID is now available exclusively for FrontRunner clients. Those who are interested in learning more about the tool and how to get it for their firm can contact FrontRunner’s sales team by emailing or visiting

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