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Caption This: Creepy Hearse Show

May 3, 2012

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Caption This: Creepy Hearse Show

Article by Caleb Wilde

I don’t know what’s scarier, a grown man painted with a joker face and driving a casket kart, or the dozens of people behind him chillin in old hearses?

What is this event? Is it a hearse show? Who would show up to such a car show? Besides the joker, maybe some emos, a couple goths and … I honestly haven’t a clue as to who’d want to be here. None of these guys, gals and kids look like funeral directors.

Maybe they are wannabe funeral directors? I can’t imagine that such a segment of the population exists. It’s not like we’re athletes or celebrities. We bury the dead … nothing glamours at all. And, it’s not hard to BE a funeral director … three to four years of school.

Those guys are truly a sorry bunch if they’re wannabes.

Maybe it’s a horse show and some rednecks misheard “horse” as “hearse”?

“Hey’a Billy. Ya bringin that ol harse of yours to da show?”

“Harse? Why da hell dey havin a harse show?”

“Dy shoin off dy harses and whoever has da best one gets a grand.”

“That’s like a year supply of beer.”

“Yup. You’d better wax that der harse up nice and clean dat deer carcus out da back.”

And doesn’t it creep you out that there’s a kid just chillin in the back of a hearse? If you notice, there’s three kids in the background of this photo. The two boys seems to be jealously looking at the girl with the balloon … almost like they’ve never seen one before … maybe their parents only give them dead, popped balloons? Or maybe they’ve never seen the color pink before?

I don’t know and I don’t think I want to know.