FrontRunner Enhances The Book of Memories With New Feature

Frontrunner Professional Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases July 25, 2019
FrontRunner Enhances The Book of Memories With New Feature

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FrontRunner Enhances The Book of Memories With New Feature

Today FrontRunner Professional announced a new enhancement to one of their most popular products, the Book of Memories™. This new feature will offer families the option to further personalize their loved one’s memorial tribute page.

In addition to selecting from FrontRunner’s library of memorial page themes, families now have the option to upload a cover photo to their loved one’s memorial page. Whether it be a personal family photo or a stock image, families can pick the perfect visual to honor their loved one.

“In recent months our team has received several requests from funeral professionals and families in search of more personalization options. This latest enhancement allows families to pick the image they want to feature on the memorial page and not be limited to a library of themes. Uploading a photo is simple and can be completed in minutes,” says Jules Green, CEO of FrontRunner Professional.

Uploading a photo to the deceased’s Book of Memories page is completed by the funeral director within their FrontRunner system. Once an image has been provided to the funeral director, they can make the change in a matter of clicks. First the image is uploaded to the system and then can be cropped and adjusted. Once this is complete, the funeral director clicks save and the deceased’s memorial page is updated.

Additionally, if the funeral director wants to offer families more localized or specialty themes, they now have the power to create their own library. Themes can easily be built in their system and used across multiple memorial tribute pages.

“We’re so excited to have this new feature available to our clients and the families they serve. We’ve always prioritized personalization and being able to support the unique requests we receive from our clients and families. This release is another example of how our team is always listening to our clients and creating solutions to help them better serve families,” concludes Green.

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