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Only 15 Gift AWFD Memberships Still Available!

September 15, 2009

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Only 15 Gift AWFD Memberships Still Available!

image “I’m happy to say that I’ve had the honor of giving away forty 3-month AWFD memberships during the past week, but I want to make sure that all 55 are awarded,” shared Kim Stacey, of the Association of Women Funeral Directors. “That’s why I’m turning to you, Ryan, to get the word out to the female members of Connecting Directors.”

Last week the editors of the e-mailed edition of Mortuary Management let their readers know of

the belated birthday celebration giveaway – and within two days, forty women had sent their requests for

a subscription to AWFDConnections, the monthly enewsletter of the association. In doing so, they were

awarded their 3-month gift membership.”But, I’m not forty – I’m fifty-five! And I’m determined to give away exactly

that number of gifted memberships!”

Kim explained how the memberships were awarded. “All recipients were sent a follow-up email with

instructions on how to create their membership account, and if they didn’t receive it, they should contact me.”

So, be one of the lucky 15: send an email to [email protected], and then confirm your interest in subscribing via the follow-up email sent by the autoresponder. Kim will then send you her personal

invitation to join, free of charge, for three months. It’s just that easy!

You can visit AWFD at Kim is busy setting the schedule for teleseminar and webinar

presentations for the coming year – be sure to read the blog postings while you’re there, for news and updates.