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FrontRunner Professional Announces New Addition to FuneralPay

March 27, 2019

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FrontRunner Professional Announces New Addition to FuneralPay

FrontRunner Professional is proud to announce their latest addition to FuneralPay, the industry’s leading payment solution for funeral homes. This new partnership with Tribute Insurance Assignments has further strengthened the FuneralPay platform with both funeral homes and families reaping the rewards.

This move comes as FrontRunner’s response to the growing expectation families have of funeral homes to offer a range of options to pay for a funeral. Additionally, the ability for families to receive funds in 24-48 hours ensures that funeral homes are not left waiting months to receive payment for the service.

“This latest integration will make paying for funeral expenses easier for both families and funeral homes. Our customers can now complete insurance assignment requests directly in our software, with much of the data auto populating. Once a policy is verified, the insurance assignment representatives can have money advanced to the funeral home to cover funeral expenses in as little as 24 hours. All of this is done directly in our software, without the need to use a third-party portal,” says Jason Truesdell, President of FrontRunner Professional.

In addition to receiving funds quickly, this service is offered at no expense to the funeral home and no out of pocket expense to the family. After completing an insurance assignment request, the Tribute Insurance Assignments team will act as a liaison between the insurance company and the family, handling all requests on the family’s behalf.

“If a family has never had to file an insurance claim, the process can be confusing and lengthy. Our new integration with Tribute Insurance Assignments aims to alleviate these headaches and remove a burden during a difficult time. Families no longer have to worry about sending in the necessary documents and funeral homes don’t have to wait to get paid for their work,” concludes Truesdell.

The new tool is immediately available to all FrontRunner clients and can be accessed through their website or funeral management software. Because FuneralPay has been designed to be user-friendly, the onboarding process is both quick and easy, and can be completed in minutes from within the FrontRunner software.

In addition to this new integration, FuneralPay will continue to allow funeral homes to help family members experience fewer limitations when selecting funeral merchandise by enabling them to make individual contributions to an overall service for the deceased.

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