eFuneral Launches Interactive Digital Storefront

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases Homesteaders Life Company March 8, 2019

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eFuneral Launches Interactive Digital Storefront

West Des Moines, Iowa — eFuneral® Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Homesteaders Life Company, has launched a groundbreaking online planning platform, connecting funeral providers to a new generation of consumers through a customizable digital storefront.

“When we acquired the eFuneral® domain name and assets, we wanted to develop an innovative technology solution that would connect funeral homes with more families,” said Homesteaders CEO Steve Shaffer. “eFuneral® offers a resource to help funeral homes serve consumers who want to explore funeral options through a digital platform.”

“We partner with funeral providers throughout the country to offer an easy way for consumers to plan and purchase services online,” explained Luke Frieberg, President of eFuneral®. “Our focus is on facilitating seamless engagement with families. We are an amplification of the work funeral providers are already doing, helping them leverage their marketing efforts and brand equity in a digital world to generate leads and sales and, ultimately, to connect with and serve more families.”

eFuneral’s storefront guides consumers through the planning process, empowering them to view, select and purchase their funeral plans online. The goods and services are customized to match each funeral provider’s service offerings, and all advance funeral plans are funded with a Homesteaders life insurance policy.

“We believe a growing number of consumers want information and resources to plan and fund their funerals online, which is consistent with many other aspects of our life today,” Shaffer continued. “By providing a tool funeral homes can use to serve those families, eFuneral® continues Homesteaders’ 113-year tradition of helping families fund their advance funeral plans and promoting the value of funeral service.”

The technology company is already partnering with funeral providers to offer this unique service. “On average, funeral arrangements made through eFuneral’s platform have a 15% higher face amount than plans made in the traditional fashion,” Frieberg reported. “And, with our lead-sharing program, we’ve been able to pass $1.2 million in pre-need leads to our early adopting funeral home partners.”

eFuneral® offers a variety of pricing models – including a cost-free option – so funeral providers of all sizes can select the plan that ­­best meets their needs and enhances their brand. Additional information can be found at efuneralpartner.com.

eFuneral® Solutions, LLC, is a breakout digital solutions company that helps funeral homes maximize market share through optimized online sales. The Des Moines, IA, based technology outfit is a subsidiary of Homesteaders Life Company. Learn more at efuneral.com.

Homesteaders Life Company, a mutual company owned by its policy holders, is a national leader providing products and services to promote and support the funding of advance funeral planning and end-of-life expenses.