2018 Homesteaders Heroes Program Honors Outstanding Employees

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Homesteaders Heroes 2018

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2018 Homesteaders Heroes Program Honors Outstanding Employees

West Des Moines, Iowa — Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in pre-need funeral funding, recently announced the winners of its annual peer-nominated Homesteaders Heroes program. The awards recognize employees who demonstrate Homesteaders’ mission and make an impact on the success of the company and its funeral home customers.

The award recipients were chosen based on nominations from fellow employees. “The nomination process for Homesteaders Heroes makes the awards particularly meaningful, because individuals are recognized by their colleagues from all over the company,” said Judy Ralston-Hansen, Executive VP-Human Resources. “We were thrilled to have 38 employees nominated this year for their outstanding contributions to the company.”

Homesteaders Heroes award recipients were named in five categories:

Rising Star Award: Sarah Loghry, Marketing Communications Specialist

This award recognizes an employee who demonstrates eagerness to learn, commitment to Homesteaders and engagement with the company and peers early in his or her career.

“Sarah’s work ethic proves she is dedicated to Homesteaders’ success,” noted one of her nominators. “Her listening skills, attention to detail and commitment to excellence result in delivering what is expected on time and with quality.”


Innovation Award: Kyle Nodurft, Actuarial Modeling Specialist

This award recognizes an employee for the successful implementation of a new or updated product, service or program that results in a measurable improvement in the company’s performance, processes or brand strength.

“Kyle takes initiative and spearheads new projects. In the process, he has helped Homesteaders become a stronger company. His curiosity is something that we can use more of in the world,” mentioned one of his nominators.


Outstanding Teamwork Award: Lucretia Oakes, Assistant Manager-Administrative Services

This award recognizes an outstanding member of a project team who has demonstrated enthusiasm, cooperation, problem-solving skills, commitment to success and a consistently positive attitude.

“Lucretia is always available when someone needs guidance or advice, and she always does it with a positive attitude,” described one of her nominators. “She always ensures quality, timely products and very actively seeks out what she needs to know to be an effective teammate.”


Inspiring Leadership Award: Dan Lodermeier, VP-Field Sales

This award recognizes an employee who has shown incredible leadership skills and can be described as inspiring, decisive and visionary, yet who is humble and willing to give credit to others.

“Dan is an exceptional listener, coach, mentor and advocate for Homesteaders and his employees,” wrote one of his nominators. “He singlehandedly engineered the way our company builds relationships with our customers since he helped start our account executive program in 1992.”


Enduring Impact Award: Tom Buckhouse, Technical Support Specialist

This award recognizes an employee for a significant, long-term contribution or body of accomplishments to Homesteaders that make a lasting impact on the company’s success.

“Tom’s positive attitude and ability to answer the needs of many departments is unmatched,” explained one of his nominators. “His character sets an example for others to follow and he is always willing to offer his talents, knowledge and expertise to make Homesteaders better and stronger.”