Turn-key Tributes Offers John McCain Outreach Materials

Uncategorized August 28, 2018

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Turn-key Tributes Offers John McCain Outreach Materials

RALEIGH, NC – The Turn-key Tributes™ program consists of a custom package of finished display materials that provides your funeral home with a way for your community to recognize all that Senator McCain has done for our country. The rollout following the death of Senator McCain last Saturday comes after a positive test surrounding the passing of Billy Graham earlier this year.

The brainchild of Alan Creedy and Joe Weigel, Turn-key Tributes™ localizes the death of a national figure by giving an opportunity to share grieving at a local level. By making the funeral home the central place to gather and remember, funeral homes becomes the focus of a normal and natural human need.

“For years, funeral homes have sought to be the place in their community where the public memorializes, honors and celebrates the death of a special person – whether they are a family member or an American hero,” stated Alan Creedy, president of Creedy and Company. The Turn-key Tributes™ program causes people to think of a funeral home in just that way.”

Tying the death of Dr. Graham to a local presence resulted in hundreds of people signing specially made register books, the collection of donations to Graham supported charities, much positive local publicity through newspapers and, even television interviews featuring funeral directors.

“In addition to the banner and register book, the test funeral homes were provided a media kit that included a press release and media tips to generate news coverage in the community for the firms”, commented Joe Weigel, owner of Weigel Strategic Marketing. “In fact, several funeral homes not only generated coverage in the local newspaper, but also a visit by the local TV station that resulted in a story in the evening news.”

To learn more about the Turn-key Tributes™ program and how you can put the elements of the program to work for your funeral home following the death of Senator McCain, please visit www.tinyurl.com/Turn-key-Tributes.