SRS and Everdays Launch Product Integration Empowering Thousands of Directors

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SRS and Everdays Launch Product Integration Empowering Thousands of Directors

Detroit, MI — May 1 2018 — Everdays and SRS Computing recently announced the launch of a new integration that will bring the key functionality of the Everdays platform securely to all SRS Procession customers. Everdays, launched only a year ago, is a free mobile-based platform that has seen a huge boom in growth and usage. It makes the funeral director the center of communication for client families and by pairing Everdays with SRS Procession, directors can build an engaged community for each of their client families directly from within SRS.

With over 1,000 homes using Everdays as a natural extension of their services to families, it empowers directors to cultivate their professional digital brand through sustained engagement with clients and their community. Everdays pairs seamlessly with SRS Procession, enabling directors to generate a complete Everdays Announcement with just one click from within the SRS dashboard. The director saves time by using their current process so there’s no double data entry and no chance to make errors.

“Our highest priority is providing our customers with top of the line, value adding software,” Explains Kimberly Simons, Vice President of SRS Computing. “This is why we partnered with Everdays. Our customers clamor for the latest innovations and tools from companies that have proven to match our high standards and quality. We’re very excited to bring the option to add an Everdays integration for all of our customers using our Procession version.”

Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays, also shares his enthusiasm about the latest Everdays platform integration: “With so many blue-chip funeral home customers in common, SRS is a natural partner for us. SRS’s industry-leading Procession software already captures all the information needed to utilize the power of an Everdays Announcement, and this new partnership unlocks that capability for every SRS customer.”

Ultimately, this integration helps put the family first with a smooth and simple process for the director and a free service for the family. Regardless of the type of service required by the family or the depth of information given, a family can benefit from a free Everdays Announcement provided to them by their director. Everdays comes with free, ongoing family and partner support, allowing funeral directors to confidently focus on offering the best and most valuable services to their client families.

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