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FREE eCourse: 4 Proven Funeral Home Marketing Strategies to Increase Call Volume Today

April 11, 2018
Justin Crowe

For people choosing cremation, ashes can feel messy and feel meaningless. You can now offer your families solidified remains which returns the full amount of remains as a collection of stones. Justin Crowe is CEO of Parting Stone.

FREE eCourse: 4 Proven Funeral Home Marketing Strategies to Increase Call Volume Today

The last two decades have brought huge changes to the funeral industry and finding the time to keep up with the rapidly changing trends is difficult. The funeral home business model is changing to accommodate continuously rising cremation rates and increasing numbers of price-shoppers. As these negative changes have been unfolding, profitable new opportunities to increase call volume have been emerging – they are just hard to spot.

After surveying hundreds of funeral directors, we’ve identified 4 proven funeral home marketing strategies that will increase call volume and help you gain market share over competitors in your community. We’ve created 4 how-to guides with real-life examples and compiled them into an easy-to-consume eCourse delivering one new strategy to you via email each week for 4 weeks. Each email comes with a free downloadable Workbook eBook with additional information and templates to save you time.

The free eCourse developed by Connecting Directors and DISRUPT Media will cover how to use social movements to build trust and increase revenue, how to increase call volume using search engines, how to use crowd sourcing to get paid faster, and how you can use digital advertising to grab “low-hanging fruit” preened sales before competitors. At the end of each week’s strategy, we’ve provide a “Take These Steps Now” section with action items that take ten minuets or less to complete that will help you increase call volume immediately.

This FREE funeral home marketing eCourse is a must-have for funeral homes looking for easy ways to increase call volume, build revenue, and take marketshare. Click here to sign up now , and get your first email strategy delivered to your inbox on Tuesday.

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