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Do You Have a Facebook Post for Valentine’s Day? Use This FREE Video Download

February 9, 2018
Justin Crowe

Justin believes that remarkable experiences enrich our lives. The poor experience surrounding cremated remains is inhibiting our ability to grieve, and his forthcoming technology introduces a clean, touchable, beautiful alternative.

Do You Have a Facebook Post for Valentine’s Day? Use This FREE Video Download

Holidays are a great time to reach out to your local community on Facebook. They are a shared experience driven by love and compassion – two things funeral directors specialize in. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for your funeral home to share in the celebration with your community by posting on Facebook. We’ve made a free Facebook video download for you to make this task easy!

The most emotionally moving and effective type of content for Facebook and Instagram is video. We know that a well-produced custom video is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to produce so we’ve made you a special free download.

The team at Disrupt Media has produced a Valentine’s Day Facebook video for you to use in your funeral home social media accounts. The video features touching professionally shot clips of adults and children in love, an uplifting singular message, and HD quality. Click the button below to download the video and share it on your Facebook and Instagram accounts on February 14th!

Don’t wait! Valentines Day is coming up fast. Download now and schedule the post on your funeral home’s Facebook account.

Click here to watch the video and download!

Funeral Home Valentine's Day Video

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