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FrontRunner Partners with Pierce Chemical to Unveil the FrontRunner Lite WebSystem at NFDA Convention

October 18, 2017

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FrontRunner Partners with Pierce Chemical to Unveil the FrontRunner Lite WebSystem at NFDA Convention

FrontRunner today announced the unveiling of the FrontRunner Lite WebSystem, a powerful website solution designed to help funeral homes avoid the pitfalls often associated with free websites.

The FrontRunner Lite WebSystem is a completely integrated solution that allows firms to have a modern and easy-to-use website, combined with the ability to leverage the powerful MemorialFX tribute video and stationery personalization engine for the new Pierce line of stationery. Customers of FrontRunner Lite will be able to scale up as their needs grow, including access to an integrated funeral management software and other premium services and features offered by FrontRunner Professional.

A growing number of funeral homes are becoming aware that their “free website” is not so free after all. The free website concept was developed in conjunction with florists, due to their desire for higher margins and the impact of distributor commissions, resulting in significantly higher flower prices for consumers on these sites compared to what they can purchase flowers for on other reputable online sites. The model is simple once you understand that nothing is free.

“With today’s internet savvy consumer, significant price increases on flowers are leaving a black eye on the funeral home, causing many families and consumers to see the funeral home as untrustworthy and being guilty of price gouging. Unfortunately, it is not only the funeral home’s reputation that is damaged, it hurts everyone in funeral service. The damage, in some cases, may be irreparable. We set out to create a system for Pierce customers that offers the latest and greatest in website and print technology, while avoiding the downfalls of other no-cost website models”, cites FrontRunner President Jason Truesdell.

The new FrontRunner Lite WebSystem provides funeral professionals a better way forward. It will be distributed exclusively through, and subsidized by, Pierce Chemicals to ensure that Pierce clients have access to the best technology available at no cost, while providing “Integrity Floral Pricing” to protect the reputation of their funeral home.

“When you get two companies who understand their industry working together to not only solve current problems but prepare their customers for the future as well, the result is something special. We are excited about the partnership with FrontRunner, what it is going to do for funeral homes and subsequently for the families they serve. The industry is changing and we are excited to take our stationery lines and what we offer our customers, to a whole new level,” says Lance Ray, COO/Executive Vice President of Pierce Chemical

FrontRunner is the leader in innovative technology and marketing solutions designed to help funeral professionals run their business more efficiently and excel in their local markets. Pierce Chemical is part of the Wilbert family of companies and is one of the largest providers of funeral home products in North America, including embalming fluids, funeral stationery, urns, prep room supplies, and equipment.

To learn more about the partnership with Pierce or the FrontRunner Lite WebSystem, contact FrontRunner by phone at 1-866-748-3625, online at , or speak with your Pierce representative.