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Tukios Lands Mainstream Music Licenses for Tribute Videos

October 18, 2017

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Tukios Lands Mainstream Music Licenses for Tribute Videos

Tukios has acquired groundbreaking music licensing for tribute videos. Until now there has not been an affordable, and legal way to add mainstream music to a memorial video. The cost to acquire the synchronization license has been extremely prohibitive. This new licensing agreement provides a legal way to add the music your families love to their slideshow video.

“This is the biggest thing to ever happen to tribute videos! According to the 2016 NFDA consumer research report, the most important item consumers want in a funeral is personalized music. That ranks slightly above a gathering of family and friends! After seven years of chasing music licenses, we are very excited to bring the industry the first and only legal way to add popular music to memorial videos.”  -Curtis Funk, Founder/Dreamer at Tukios

Tukios has been the first to bring many innovative memorial video features to the funeral industry: the first HD delivery system (removing the need for a DVD), the first family photo collaboration (allowing the family members to upload photos and videos), the first theme creator (allowing funeral directors to build their own custom templates), and many other features.

The cost to license a mainstream song is $15 per video. Although that may sound expensive, it is thousands of dollars less than a traditional synchronization license. Since families are eager to have their favorite songs, this should be a simple conversation during the arrangement.

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