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FrontRunner Unveils its Dedicated Custom Programming Team

October 12, 2017

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FrontRunner Unveils its Dedicated Custom Programming Team

FrontRunner today announced the formation of a dedicated custom programing team. In the past, given the fast-paced innovations at FrontRunner and the demands of day to day client work, the ability and time to provide custom programming services has been elusive.

“The rapid growth of our Exclusive Client Program has given rise to the need for a completely separate custom programming team,” cites FrontRunner President, Jason Truesdell.

This division was designed to ensure clients can access the custom services and developments that enable them to be more unique and create differentiation from competing firms within the communities they serve.

“This move allows FrontRunner to continue developing the innovative solutions that our brand has become known for, without any disruption to client’s custom programing needs and without conflict. From custom App Development, scheduling tools, GPS locators to advanced reporting systems, we can help progressive firms realize their full potential” Truesdell adds.

“We are attracting a new type of client here at FrontRunner that is tired of feeling like they are lost in a sea of sameness. They are looking to dominate in their communities and take their firms to a higher level. Under the Exclusive Client Program, they will have one dedicated partner to coordinate all of their technology and marketing needs and have the territory protection that these services are exclusively available to them in their market areas” says FrontRunner’s CEO, Jules Green.

When custom stationery, custom websites, strategic marketing, new business systems and advanced programming services are run together as one, the results are unprecedented.

“We have been able to significantly increase market share for clients that run the full program,” Concludes Green.

FrontRunner is the leading full service Technology and Marketing company offering the professions only truly integrated solutions on the market. To learn more about what FrontRunner can do for your firm, contact Jules Green at 1-866-748-3625 or learn more at