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Would You Ever Put ‘BASTARD’ On Your Hearse?

August 3, 2017

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Would You Ever Put ‘BASTARD’ On Your Hearse?

The community of Carlisle, Cambria in England saw an unusual scene late last month. Mike Stubbs, a Carlisle man, had his last wish fulfilled. Stubbs wanted to reenact a scene from the BBC series “The League of Gentleman” at his funeral. So, just like the show, he had a wreath that read “BASTARD” accompany him in the hearse. This, like you, can imagine, turned a lot of heads, so on July, 27th, Final Journey, the funeral home that made the final arrangements, made a statement on Facebook:

“An unusual one today – Which we feel requires a little explanation … A request from a dying man with a cheeky sense of humour to replicate his favourite scene from the league of gentleman TV show at his own funeral. He was very much loved by his family and friends and got the last laugh, just like he wanted.”

Overall, the community had a great response on Facebook.

Sam Barton wrote, “Marvellous, it brings out the real fun in funeral! I hope to do something brilliant like that when I go!”

Mike Brennen shared, “He was our next door neighbor Mike Stubbs. You couldn’t wish to have met a lovelier guy, great sense of humor, as everyone can see. God bless, Mike. Privilege to have known you. RIP”

Mike Proud wrote, “This is what dying is all about. Leaving a good memory on your final journey.”

Going the extra mile to personalize funerals is exactly what the funeral business should be doing every day. This is about what the families want, not what corresponds with your personal agenda. Having a good sense of humor and making families feel comfortable are the things that will encourage families to share their hopes for the service of their loved one.

Would you allow this at your funeral home? Answer in the comments below!