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EXCLUSIVE: Frazer Consultants Acquires FuneralNet

The merger made sense as their company does a lot of things that we don't and we do things that they don't.

March 6, 2017

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EXCLUSIVE: Frazer Consultants Acquires FuneralNet

There have been rumblings about this acquisition/merger floating around for the past few weeks. As you can imagine we heard about this immediately however we were unable to receive official confirmation from Frazer or FuneralNet until today.

Founded in 1996, FuneralNet is the largest provider of custom designed deathcare websites in the United States, also serving clients in Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.

Frazer Consultants’ mission is to provide the creative tools our clients need to serve their families and stay competitive in their communities.

We reached out to each company CEO a few weeks ago and we received back this morning the following from Michael Turkiewicz:

We did merge our company with Matt’s.  I’ll be staying on with the merged company along with 80% of our staff.  

The merger made sense as their company does a lot of things that we don’t and we do things that they don’t.  They’re strong in printed stationery, memorial candles, digital registry, template based websites, and video tributes while we’re strong in custom sites, eArrangment sites, SEO, and Google AdWords management.

We’re looking forward to bringing more solutions to our funeral home, cemetery, and cremation clients and serving them in more meaningful ways.

It doesn’t appear that immediately much will change except for each company’s clients will benefit from new features not previously available. The clients of each company that we have spoke with were able to confirm they were told about the merger but are yt to see any changes.

If you are a Frazer or FuneralNet customer what have you experienced since the merger? Does anything look like it is changing?