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ASD Releases Enhanced Version of ASD Mobile to the Android Platform

With this update, ASD has completely rewritten their existing Android app to deliver many new features, tools and settings to the OS platform.

February 27, 2017

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ASD Releases Enhanced Version of ASD Mobile to the Android Platform

Media, PA—ASD– Answering Service for Directors recently released an updated version of the company’s smartphone app, ASD Mobile for Android, to the Google Play Store. With this update, ASD has completely rewritten their existing Android app to deliver many new features, tools and settings to the OS platform. The new enhancements have helped thousands of funeral directors who use the iPhone version of the app and ASD is thrilled to deliver these solutions to Android users.

ASD Mobile 3 for Android will introduce a fresh look and a new slide out menu with collapsible section categories, allowing users to maneuver through the app quickly. ASD clients will notice a new home page when launching the app, which summarizes recent account activity. Another major change is the arrival of ASD’s Deep Archive Message Search tool, which helps directors to locate old messages, call recordings and dispatch log by searching for a name, phone number or any other detail from the call. Deep Archive also stores messages for a much greater length of time, allowing ASD clients to access messages up to 5 years old.

Many funeral homes have rotating on-call schedules. ASD Mobile 3 for Android offers new scheduling options that allow directors to create a detailed on-call schedule weeks or months in advance using the app. Directors will be able to see when ASD is actively dispatching an urgent message to their staff. An icon will now appear next to any outstanding messages so clients are always aware what calls require their immediate attention. If a director is on the go and notices that a solicitor is repeatedly calling the funeral home while lines are forwarded to ASD, they can now easily block the call by simply tapping on the phone number within the app.

For directors who have added ASD’s Web Chat feature to their website, the app can now send the on-call director a Web Chat Alert™ the moment a specific type of chat session is initiated. Using ASD’s exclusive Web Chat Connect™ feature, the director may then take control of the chat in progress. A log of all chat transcripts is stored on the app for review. Funeral homes that offer pet services can also use the app to create separate push notifications designating which director should be contacted depending on if the call is regarding a person or a pet.

ASD has also added a First Call section to their Android app, allowing directors to download or print First Call forms using a PDF viewer app. A redesigned Service Editor makes inputting service details much more streamlined. Additionally, ASD Mobile 3 for Android allows users to customize their own preferences to control how the app opens when it is launched, how messages are displayed, and more.

In addition to these major upgrades, ASD Mobile 3 for Android introduces an array of other timesaving features.  Android users can now use ASD Mobile to pay their bill online, organize their fast login information, review support tickets, access information on all of their funeral home locations, and update ASD with information on local establishments in their community.

“ASD is committed to seeking out the latest advancements in technology to deliver custom solutions to the funeral profession,” says ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner, Martin Czachor Jr. “With the help of many funeral director beta testers, we have built a much more advanced and powerful Android app. The update introduces a multitude of new tools and efficiencies that will help directors to better manage their funeral home communications from any location. We are confident these enhancements will deliver convenience and peace of mind to the thousands of funeral directors who rely on our Android app everyday.”

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