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‘Cremated’ Pets Dumped in Field

September 4, 2009

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‘Cremated’ Pets Dumped in Field

imageUNITED KINGDOM – A pet owner has been left “devastated” after the corpse of her beloved dog was found in a field after she thought it had been cremated. Police are now investigating allegations of fraud at Peak Pet Cremations, Heage, after Angela Moore’s black Labrador, Sam, was found with three other dog corpses in a field in Lower Hartshay near Ripley.

All were meant to have been cremated at the pet crematorium.

Sam had had to be put down aged 12 after suffering stomach complications related to old age.

Angela’s vets, Ambivet, of Heanor, took Sam to the crematorium, a service it offers pet owners. Ambivet severed its arrangement with the crematorium as soon as the allegations surfaced.

Police launched the probe in response to newspaper reports.

A spokesman for the business, which has its registered address as High Edge Drive in Heage, claimed the bodies of the dogs were stolen along with scrap metal and that was how they ended up in the field.

Police have said they have had no reports of any thefts from the crematorium.

Sam was traced back to Angela because he was microchipped. Another dog has been traced back to an owner in Hucknall who had received ashes despite his dog not having been cremated.

The other two dogs’ owners have not been traced.

Angela, 49, of Kirk Hallam near Ilkeston, said: “To have just had to put Sam down, which was heartbreaking, this was just devastating news.”

Angela added: “I’m really angry he’s been treated this way ? no dog deserves that.”

Sam died on August 4, and the bodies were discovered by a walker who noticed a bad smell.

Angela said: “I want answers. I want to know where my dog has been.” She was charged