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A Dutch Company Transformed a Tesla into a Hearse and It’s Pretty Slick

October 2, 2016

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A Dutch Company Transformed a Tesla into a Hearse and It’s Pretty Slick

We know you’re dying to see it, so we’ll get straight to the point, check out the first ever Tesla hearse:



The hearse, first spotted by Electrek’s Fred Lambert, was made by funeral transport company Vander der Lans & Busscher BV. The funeral transport company used a modified Tesla that was built by Netherlands-based stretched limousine maker RemetzCar to make the hearse a reality.

The hearse took eight months to build, a spokesperson for Vander der Lans & Busscher BV told Business Insider, adding that the company will use the car for funerals. RemetzCar plans on building more Tesla hearses, the spokesperson added.

The Tesla hearse has a range of 217 miles in case you’re looking for a long funeral procession. It comes with a separation wall and manually retractable floor for a coffin.

The hearse will also be on display at the 2016 Funeral Exhibition in Gorinchem in the Netherlands.

Yes, the funeral exhibition is a real event that is expecting 9,500 visitors this year. The event is bringing together 250 exhibitors that are involved in the funeral business. This year’s theme is “Fit for the future.”