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Thacker Caskets Introduces Ascent Metallic Pearl

October 2, 2016
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Thacker Caskets Introduces Ascent Metallic Pearl

Thacker is celebrating their newest metal burial casket, the Ascent Metallic Pearl, which features a sparkling, double-metallic pearl-white paint. The white crepe interior combines flawlessly with the lustrous pearl finish and would complement a dark suit or dress supremely. Including, chrome swing-bar hardware, a V-ray head panel and raised silver trim molding, the Ascent Pearl offers your families a high eye-appeal casket at a low cost.

As consumer preference in casket color follows popular automotive color trends, the Ascent Metallic Pearl is predicted to be a highly requested casket and Thacker is the only manufacturer to offer this color casket in 20-gauge steel.

The Pearl is the fourth casket to be added to Thacker’s Ascent Collection, which currently includes the: Ascent Metallic Graphite, Blush and Cascade Blue caskets. All of the Ascent Collection caskets include double-metallic flake within the paint to perpetuate the radiant ­­sparkle when placed under lighting in the funeral home or sunlight when being transported to a cemetery or church.

Manufacturing all of their metal caskets in Florence, AL, Thacker remains dedicated to providing quality American Made products at an affordable cost. To learn more about special promotions for the Ascent Metallic Pearl or to learn more about additional products and services Thacker Caskets offers please call 1-800-637-8891 or visit