Arlington National Cemetery to Add Enhanced Security for Visitors

Cemeteries Funeral Industry News September 13, 2016
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Arlington National Cemetery to Add Enhanced Security for Visitors

Originally published by: NBC Washington

Arlington National Cemetery is phasing in enhanced security measures for those who visit the cemetery. In addition to random ID checks and other security measures already in place, the cemetery will require visitors to go through additional screening.

“Arlington is taking advanced security precautions to protect visitors, family members and staff. These security measures will be similar to the ones at museums in the National Capitol Region,” said Patrick K. Hallinan, Arlington National Cemetery executive director.

The new security measures will enhance current security efforts and improve visitor safety while minimizing inconvenience. All vehicle access will require presenting a valid government issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc) when entering the cemetery and will be subject to random inspections.

Family members with a permanent gravesite vehicle passes may continue to drive to their loved ones’ grave with a valid driver’s license.

Starting in November, Arlington National Cemetery will begin to implement visitor screening. All pedestrian traffic will be required to enter Arlington National Cemetery at set access points: the cemetery’s main entrance on Memorial Avenue, Ord & Weitzel Gate, and the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Old Post Chapel Gate.

Before entering the cemetery from the main entrance, all pedestrians will be screened be through the Welcome Center. There will be express screening lines for visitors who do not have bags. Those with disabilities will also have an express line for screening.

Arlington officials urge people to allow additional time to go through security screening when visiting the cemetery, especially large tour groups.

Source: Arlington National Cemetery to Add Enhanced Security for Visitors | NBC4 Washington

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