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Grief Educator, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Collaborates with FDLIC on New Project

March 30, 2016

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Grief Educator, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Collaborates with FDLIC on New Project

ABILENE, TX – Noted author, educator, and grief counselor, Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, has agreed to collaborate with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) on a preneed-focused educational project.

Dr. Wolfelt is well-known across the nation for his inspirational teaching gifts and compassionate messages about healing in grief, based on his personal experiences with loss and over three decades of supporting children, teens, adults, and families in grief. He is also an advocate for the value of meaningful funeral experiences.

Dr. Wolfelt has agreed to work with FDLIC to develop materials that will help educate funeral professionals and FDLIC’s prearrangement specialists, as well as families who are interested in preplanning, about the importance of the funeral ceremony and its many healing elements.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Wolfelt is assisting us as we educate our sales professionals, our funeral home clients, and other funeral professionals about the importance of creating a healing funeral experience for families,” said Kris Seale, FDLIC President and CEO. “We have long admired Dr. Wolfelt’s work, and it took me about half a second to agree to explore how we could work together. We are looking forward to seeing this relationship with Dr. Wolfelt produce some really excellent training materials as well as great information for preneed funeral consumers.”

“I am pleased to work on this project with a company that believes in the value of ceremony and desires to help families plan truly transformational funeral experiences,” said Dr. Wolfelt. “As a grief educator, I have long advocated for the need to educate both funeral home staff and families about the critical importance of why we have had funerals since the beginning of time. As more and more people choose to plan their own funerals, we as a society are at risk for confusing efficiency with effectiveness. Yet if we do a good job of educating people during the preplanning process about the essential “why” of the funeral and its elements, we will help them make choices that result in funerals, down the line, that create the sweet spot of healing experiences for their families. Preplanning, when done well, can be a transformative experience both for the individuals who are preplanning and, eventually, for their families and friends. This is an exciting project for me, and I look forward to working with FDLIC in spreading this message of hope and healing.”


FDLIC, rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company, is a legal reserve life insurance company that specializes in the sale of insurance-funded preneed funerals.