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FrontRunner Professional Launches Google Virtual Tour of Corporate Headquarters

March 10, 2016

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FrontRunner Professional Launches Google Virtual Tour of Corporate Headquarters

FrontRunner today launched a virtual tour of their world-class headquarters, opening its virtual doors for anyone to see inside the new $1.6-million-dollar funeral technology center and FrontRunner operations.

“Over the past few years, FrontRunner has grown to a be a global company. While some of our clients can visit FrontRunner’s headquarters to truly experience FrontRunner, many simply don’t get the opportunity. With the Google Virtual Tour, we can now open our virtual doors to let clients, prospects and the general public virtually walk through our facility to see first-hand where all of the FrontRunner magic happens. It’s very exciting for not only us, but them as well” says Ashley Montroy, Marketing Director of FrontRunner Professional.

The Google Virtual Tour gives local and global consumers the opportunity to see a business operation without having to physically be there. The tour can be embedded in a company’s website and directly linked to in announcements and online marketing strategies. It even appears in local Google Search and Google Maps listings to help better their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online presence.

“Letting people see the inner-workings of your business is so important in today’s ultra-connected and social driven world. Every chance we at FrontRunner have to let funeral professional’s see how and why we do what we do, and show them the team behind our logo is a plus. As the Marketing Director with FrontRunner, I encourage funeral businesses each day to take a look into a Google Virtual Tour. Giving the public the ability to see inside your facility, and better positioning your firm in Google’s search engine results will lead to business opportunities that you’ve never seen before” adds Montroy.

You can see FrontRunner’s Virtual Google Tour here