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FrontRunner Professional Unveils the New Book of Memories Digital Video Memorial Book

February 4, 2016

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FrontRunner Professional Unveils the New Book of Memories Digital Video Memorial Book

Today, FrontRunner today took the most integrated and customizable Memorial Video Software on the market and made it even better. The new offering is a special presentation packaging solution that amplifies the Book of MemoriesTM theme that has helped so many firms grow their business.


“The new packaging helps FrontRunner clients move outside of the traditional Memorial DVD output that is quickly becoming obsolete,” says Kevin Montroy, FrontRunner Founder and CEO. “Today our DVT program (Digital Video Tribute) offers the most flexible output for our clients. The DVT program eliminates the need for expensive DVD players, complicated wiring, staging and burning software. With DVT, clients can utilize the power of Smart TV Technology, Bluetooth and USB computer devices using a simple USB thumb drive. It finally brings a world class Memorial Tribute within the reach of everyone.”

“The new memorial books, combined with other recent updates to the program, improve a system that clients are already familiar with and is consistent with the look, feel and functionality of all other areas of their system. It allows` real time condolences and words of support to be pulled into the Memorial Tribute. That’s the beauty and the power of one truly integrated web based solution and why FrontRunner is so far ahead of our competition,” adds Montroy.


The new packaging includes a branded Book of Memories Keepsake box which allows for the storage of photos and mementos, as well as a 4G USB which is also branded with the Book of MemoriesTM program. Funeral homes can use the embedded Print Engine to create a personalized insert honoring the deceased. Finally, funeral homes can simply and easily assemble a world class memorial with a unique package that commemorates and solidifies the Book of MemoriesTM program. The packaging can also be branded to the funeral home at no charge on a low minimum quantity of ten.


“We looked at offering a complete service that would allow for the funeral home to ‘re-sell’ these memorial videos on their website and FrontRunner would fulfill in-house. However, after doing market research we discovered a very negative reticence by families who were appalled a funeral home would try and resell their loved one’s Memorial Video for a profit on the funeral home’s website.”


From a legal standpoint, FrontRunner also never wanted to put a client in a potentially liable situation if they resell Memorial Videos using copyright photos, music or video clips that they do not have the rights to use, be it knowingly or unknowingly. Reselling these Memorial Videos to the public amplifies the infraction, and could easily lead to significant and costly lawsuits. That is simply not the way FrontRunner operates. It is one thing to generate and make available to the family who provided the assets for their own use, it’s quite another thing to resell that to the public for profit.


We did however provide the opportunity to the funeral home to use this attractive and powerful program as a profit center by offering this service on their website to create a memorial tribute package for anyone in the community who has lost a loved one. For the at need families, they can always request additional Tribute Programs allowing them, at their discretion, to distribute to those who they would like to have a memorial tribute honoring their loved one,” adds Montroy.


To learn more about FrontRunner’s Digital Video Tribute updates and new Memorial Book, visit them online at or call 1-866-748-3625.