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Omneo Group Introduces State-of-the-Art Interactive Memorialization Solution

December 8, 2015

Omneo Group Introduces State-of-the-Art Interactive Memorialization Solution

  • Builds on increasing trend of alternative burial methods
  • Delivers the complete essence of your loved one – the entirety of ashes and their digital memories


Miami, December 9, 2015 – With dramatic shifts in the way consumers bereave and memorialize loved ones, funerary tech start-up Omneo Group announced today the launch of a state-of-the-art funerary solution that supports the increasing popularity of cremation and digital memorialization. Omneo Group offers a solution that through the use of NFC technology connects an Omneo Memorial, a minimalist yet personalized post cremation memorial elaborated with the entirety of ashes, with that person’s profile, where their life is celebrated in a social network for digital memorialization offering a unique communication gateway surrounding a loved one’s passing.

“At a young age I worked as an engraver at a funeral home and, after cremation, I would see all these families walking out with the remains of their loved ones in cardboard boxes,” said Bruno Mezcua Escudero, Co-Founder of Omneo Group and an internationally renowned sculptor. “Fifteen years later and leveraging my experience as a sculptor, we launched Omneo Group, which combines dignity, respect, and solemnity with design and technology to offer the most advanced memorialization concept in the market.”

Death is one of the two hardest topics throughout a person’s life to discuss; whether in life or after passing. There is mourning, anxiety, withdrawal, and sleepless nights, which can leave more of a sense of longing and emptiness rather than legacy and memories. However, there is another method that can be embraced – celebration. Not in an insensitive, frigid, forgetful way, but by celebrating the shared memories and experiences of your loved one. allows for a collaborative digital memorial and celebration of your loved one’s life through videos, images and stories shared by family and friends.” commented Christian Crews, CEO, Omneo Group Americas. “It also allows people, while in life, to write their own story and gather all those memories and thoughts that make them who they are, remaining editable and private in one place until their passing.  These thoughts and memories can be gathered in the form of pre recorded videos or messages that form a digital legacy for generations to come.  In essence, creating your profile in life will become the most important gift and legacy you will leave behind for your future generations.”


The rapid evolution of technology has influenced every aspect of the way we live our lives – collaboration and cloud based services are shaping the way we live, from banking to our everyday social interactions; why shouldn’t our memories be collaborative and live forever in the cloud? And why should funeral solutions force you to end the memories and legacy of the deceased instead of immortalizing and celebrating their life?


This year, it is expected that five people will die every minute in the US, out of which two are cremations. “The number of cremations in the US is growing at a steady 3.3% annual rate and is expected to double in 20 years,” added Crews. “The Omneo is the true essence of the person, dignified in a post cremation memorial elaborated with the entirety of the cremated remains, designed to the Golden Ratio, and protected by a personalized skin of granite composite, it holds the digital memories and legacy of the individual and can can be kept at home or at a cemetery. The Omneo solution is the now and the future of memorialization.”



Omneo Group was founded in Spain out of a need and customer demand for an evolution in the funeral industry. The result was not evolutionary, but truly revolutionary. Founded in 2012 by Bruno Mezcua Escudero, a prestigious sculptor, and Iñigo Zurita, a successful businessman, Omneo Group brings a contemporary and modern option through product development and technology combined with dignity, respect, and solemnity. With US Headquarters in Miami, Omneo Group’s products include the Omneo Memorials, Omneo Plaque, Omneo Tap, Omneo Tag, and