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FuneralTech announces launch of ETURNAL MEMORIALS

October 28, 2015

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FuneralTech announces launch of ETURNAL MEMORIALS

All lives are unique, and now their urns can be too.

Kingston, October 27, 2015:  FuneralTech is excited to announce the launch of Eturnal Memorials.    Eturnal Memorials creates one of a kind personalized 3D printed urns and keepsakes.  Clients & families work directly with an artist to create a unique sculpture that reflects their loved one’s personality.  These sculptures are then used to create full size urns and custom size keepsakes.  Eturnal Memorials was developed to help funeral service providers and families alike.  We understand what is, and has been, happening in funeral services  and are always trying to innovate new ways to help our clients.  Today we are changing the way our clients can meet their families’ changing needs by introducing state of the art technology to create a far better experience before, during and after the service.  The best part about this is that we have found a way to offset the eroding revenues that increased cremation has resulted in.  With cremations set to be at 73% by 2019, the timing could not be more critical.   We look at the market research all of the time, and the research shows that families will pay less if they don’t feel they are getting the personalized touch.  You cannot get more personalized than this.

“We have created an unprecedented experience for families to work with our artists 1 on 1”, says Jon Clare, CEO of FuneralTech.  “The possibilities are honestly infinite. We are thinking of new and creative ideas on a daily basis”.  Jon adds, “The comfort you can give a family by allowing them to have this level of personalization and input into the final resting place of their loved one is something you cannot put a price on.  The artists can work with one photo or multiple photos from the family, they can work with descriptions or even drawings.  We had a family send us a drawing of what they wanted incorporated into a frequented mountain, and the result was simply stunning.”  Ted Shepperd, Creative Director notes “Every piece we produce really is a unique work of art for your families.  You cannot quantify the value that something like this can bring to a family. “.

Eturnal Memorials will only be provided through a reseller model, it will not be direct to consumer.  All leads that are generated through our marketing will go through the authorized reseller channel.   However, you must be a client of FuneralTech in order to become a reseller.  We have spent a lot of time focusing on the complete process and incorporated technology to really take this to another level of service.  That is why a family can engage with the artist, or conversely the artist can get direction from the client firm.   Through the FuneralTech solution the family can log in and see their memorial in 3D.  The family can spin the urn around, zoom in and even let us know what they would like changed.  After they have approved the urn or keepsake, it is printed, finalized and then shipped.

Eturnal Memorials has completely changed the game.  Not only does this apply to your immediate and preneed families, but think about the aftermarket opportunities.  If you open this up to the families you’ve already served, or even those you didn’t.  By using our existing advertisements or create a custom ad to let people know of the new service your firm is offering.  Eturnal Memorial resellers add value and allow your firm to get away from competing on price.

Families are walking away with multiple keepsake urns. Jon says “Brothers and sisters are getting different keepsake urns.  For example, one brother ordered dad’s tackle box and rod, but the sisters both wanted his favorite chair”.  The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive and has resulted in an increase in family satisfaction and in the average profit per funeral.

If you would like more information about this amazing opportunity, do not hesitate to contact FuneralTech to become an Eturnal Memorials reseller.  All resellers are provided a package that includes 1 full size urn and keepsake, stand alone display, family brochure explaining how it works, and listed as an authorized reseller on and more.   All incoming leads from the website are directed to the nearest authorized reseller.  Hurry though, space is limited.

Headquartered in Kingston, ON, Eturnal Memorials is developing innovative new products to help funeral services increase revenue while adding value to families.  These personal experiences drive more families to your firms. Visit online at, or call 800-480-6467 x2