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ASD – Answering Service for Directors Tests Crisis Notification System

October 8, 2015

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ASD – Answering Service for Directors Tests Crisis Notification System

MEDIA, PA—At 4p.m. EST on Sunday, October 11, a quarter of all funeral homes in the United States will receive a phone call. The call will be made to every client of ASD – Answering Service for Directors as part of the company’s Crisis Communication test, which transmits a message to every ASD client to test the company’s notification process.

Imagine if your funeral home’s phone lines were out of service—how much time would pass before you were made aware? ASD created the Crisis Notification System to ensure this will never happen to their clients. In the event of a serious loss of capacity at ASD, the company can provide funeral professionals with a timely and reliable notification through multiple channels.

ASD’s Crisis Notification System was created in 2009 and has never been used. The notification test is part of the company’s initiative to prepare in advance for any unforeseeable event. As a responsible partner to the funeral community, ASD created these safeguards to ensure directors are made aware immediately if their phone lines are unprotected.

As part of the Crisis Notification test, ASD is asking their clients to take a moment to review the contact information listed for their funeral home. Clients can visit and click on the ‘Crisis Notify’ tab. The test notification will be made to each phone number, fax number and email address listed on the account’s Crisis Contact page.

In addition to these precautions, ASD’s building is equipped with two powerful onsite generators, fully integrated with a backup battery system, which is tested weekly to prepare for local power failures. The company’s systems were designed to utilize multiple long distance providers simultaneously so a disruption of service on any carrier’s network will not disable ASD’s operations. In the event of an outage, ASD can reroute all calls to a working network.

In keeping with the company’s culture of transparency, the Crisis Notification System provides funeral professionals with added peace of mind. No matter the situation, funeral professionals can rest assured that their calls are ASD’s top priority. With stand by support and backup security measures, ASD offers protection well beyond any of the other 1,000 answering services in North America.


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ASD is the leader in answering services and call support for funeral professionals. Family owned and operated, ASD blends state-of-the-art technology with an experienced team of knowledgeable call specialists that possess a high level of understanding of the funeral process. The company’s intensive training programs ensure that the potential value of every call is recognized and communicated to directors in the most cost efficient way. ASD’s innovative technology, custom-built systems and call support expertise have made it a national leader in the death care profession. Headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, ASD offers comprehensive answering services for funeral homes and funeral related businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit or call 1-800-868-9950.


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