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FrontRunner unveils their most advanced funeral home website to date.

September 8, 2015

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FrontRunner unveils their most advanced funeral home website to date.

FrontRunner today released its most powerful website in the company’s history.


FrontRunner has long been known for the most advanced websites on the market and this latest release raises the bar even higher. It is packed with the most up to date mobile friendly technology, the industry leading Book of Memories Memorial Website generator and the highest revenue generation of any website on the market.


“But to make this next version even greater, we’ve included unlimited DVD Tribute Video Generation and unlimited Print-on-Demand custom stationery at no extra charge.  And if that wasn’t enough, we change the game by including the new document handler engine that instantly prints all your forms such as Proof of Death Statements, Clergy and Cemetery Records and a growing selection of in-house and government forms. Funeral Homes using this new edition will have the choice to turn on revenue generators or opt to turn them off. These combined features will help their firm take efficiency, convenience and profitability to an entirely new level” cites Kevin Montroy, FrontRunner CEO and Founder.

While other website companies taunt their latest designs, FrontRunner offers a simple promise – their creative designers operate at such a high level that virtually anything funeral homes can imagine, they can design it.


“Our research showed us that an overwhelming majority of funeral homes still use Microsoft Word to print their forms, requiring them to re-enter the same data multiple times. It also revealed that of those funeral homes that have Funeral Home Management Software, they only used it to print these forms. In these cases, this new standard feature of our new Pulse Website may remove the need for many firms to keep their expensive management software and its often ongoing annual support fees” adds Montroy.


The new FrontRunner Pulse Website is designed for firms looking to maximize their online presence and dramatically increase their firm’s efficiency while reducing their overall technology costs. Best of all, it comes with an easy site transfer process that can get you up and going quickly.


For those looking to dominate in their markets, FrontRunner offers the new Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). The program gives clients an exclusive technology solution packed with a long list of products, features, services and marketing strategies that are not available to any other client. This focused approach empowers progressive firms with the exclusivity they are looking for to set them apart from all other funeral homes in their communities.


When funeral professionals take a close look at everything that FrontRunner offers with the new Pulse Website System, they will immediately see that nothing else even comes close.


To learn more about how FrontRunner can help your firm with technology solutions designed to grow market share, schedule a time with product specialist, Jules Green online at or call one of our success coaches at 1-866-748-3625.