Why We Love Facebook Insights (And You Should, Too!)

Funeral Industry News Social Media July 7, 2015
Mark Thogmartin

Dr. Mark Thogmartin is a life-long educator, working with students from Kindergarten through the doctoral level. He has degrees from the University of Kentucky, the Ohio State University, and Andrews University. Mark's book, Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books, has gained wide acceptance among reading tutors and parents who are teaching their children at home. In addition to assisting his son, Ryan, at DISRUPT Media as Vice President of Business Development, he works part-time as a mentor of doctoral students at Capella University. Mark and his wife Donna live in Millersport and are the parents of three adult sons and two beautiful granddaughters.

Why We Love Facebook Insights (And You Should, Too!)

Have You Explored the Insights Tools On Your Facebook Page?

Most people are unaware of the wealth of information they can access by viewing their Facebook business page Insights. On the Insights tab are many helpful charts, graphs, and statistics from which you can learn about the engagement your page is achieving, which types of posts are the most popular, some basic demographics of the folks viewing your page, and the time of the day/week/month you are getting the most engagement…and it’s all free for the viewing!

To access your business page Insights, go to your business Page (not your personal profile) and click on the Insights link at the top of the page. This will launch a general Overview screen from which you can click and explore to your heart’s content. Almost everything in the overview is hot linked to a more detailed chart or graph. The best way to learn what is there is to simply explore.


For example, last Wednesday you may have posted a photo of your staff at a charity event with some brief text explaining the event. To see how that particular post performed, scroll down the Overview page a bit until you see “Your 5 Most Recent Posts.” If the post from last Wednesday is one of the 5 most recent, you will see it in the list (if it is not one of the 5 most recent, click on the “Your 5 Most Recent Posts” title to access an expanded list of posts). From the entry on the list, you will see some basic statistics, in particular the reach and engagement (clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares) the post achieved. To see an expanded description of the post’s performance, click on the hot linked title of the post and you will see a further breakdown of the post’s statistics.


To see some basic information on who is viewing and interacting with your page, click on the People link on the Overview page. From there you can learn more about your fans, and about the other people reached by the content on your page. Some of the breakdowns include the gender of these folks, their ages, and the country, state, and city where they reside.

As with any new effort, practice will pay off as you make it a point to regularly study this information. The more you explore, the more you will learn. And as you explore, you and your team should ask yourselves these questions:

  • Are we achieving the goals we set for our Facebook page? Do we even have goals for which we are reaching?
  • Is our fan base growing? Has our growth become static?
  • Are we posting content that is engaging (hint: obituaries do not make for the most engaging content on Facebook)?
  • Do the majority of people interacting with our page reside in our service area? Are we likely to benefit from the engagement we are achieving?
  • Since the organic reach of Facebook is so low, would we be wise to invest in some targeted boosting through paid advertising?

If you answered “No” to most or all of the questions above, you need to change your strategy…the sooner the better! If you are not sure how to improve your statistics, let the experts at DISRUPT Media help you! We can craft a Facebook strategy tailored to your business using our exclusive four part FUNERAL Social Design Process. Our process is what enables DISRUPT Media to claim that we are the funeral profession’s only full-service social media management firm. Our clients who are a part of our FUNERAL Social Design Process are seeing an increase in post reach and engagement of over 300%. Go to http://funeralsocial.com to find out more about the services we offer.