6 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Funeral Industry News Social Media Marketing June 30, 2015
Mark Thogmartin

Dr. Mark Thogmartin is a life-long educator, working with students from Kindergarten through the doctoral level. He has degrees from the University of Kentucky, the Ohio State University, and Andrews University. Mark's book, Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books, has gained wide acceptance among reading tutors and parents who are teaching their children at home. In addition to assisting his son, Ryan, at DISRUPT Media as Vice President of Business Development, he works part-time as a mentor of doctoral students at Capella University. Mark and his wife Donna live in Millersport and are the parents of three adult sons and two beautiful granddaughters.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

The social media world is complicated, and what might be right for your funeral business may not be right for another. This is why some businesses utilize the services of a dedicated social media manager. Social media managers draw from their considerable knowledge of social media best practices to develop a unique, individually tailored social media strategy for each of their clients using an understanding of their goals for being on social media, target demographics, and brand identity.

You may be thinking “Oh, c’mon…posting content on Facebook isn’t so complicated that I can’t do it myself, or have my receptionist do it for us.” If you are thinking this way, consider these questions:

  • Are you able, in your spare time, to create a strategic approach toward meeting your social media goals (if you even have social media goals)? Do you know what content to post and when to post it in order to garner the most engagement? Do you balance your monthly engagement analytics against the content you display on your page? A dedicated social media manager is skilled in this kind of strategic approach to content planning and channel monitoring.
  • Have you taken the time to study your audience through a detailed analysis of your monthly engagement data? With the right tools (the best tools must be purchased), a user can determine the zip codes, genders, age, viewing habits, and online activity of those who are viewing and most likely to view your social media channels. Odds are, you do not know where to find these tools, you don’t want to purchase the better tools, and you don’t have the time to become skilled in their use. Guess who DOES know and utilize these things? Your social media manager! In addition to this, your social media manager knows how to boost posts and how to utilize Facebook advertising to get your content in front of the right people.
  • Do you have a large database of tested content related to the profession that has proven over time to increase engagement for your target audience? You may say “Well, I got you there! I pay a monthly fee so I can access funeral related content that is already formatted and ready to go.” If this is true, have you looked at your business’ Facebook page to see how many Likes, Comments, and Shares you are garnering with this content, and whether these folks even reside in your service area? Throwing up various posts and hoping for the best is not a strategic approach…and the best full-service social medial managers do far more than just post random content.
  • Do you have the time and skill to write your own content specific to your business? Again, you may have great intentions once you get serious about creating and maintaining an active, personalized presence in the social media. But soon, other priorities take precedence, and your Facebook page will suffer from lack of attention. The best social media managers are also excellent content writers who know how to tell your story. They also have access to an editorial staff to make sure the content they write for you is well-written and error free.
  • Do you take the time to make sure you are formatting photos, images, videos, and text in an aesthetically pleasing and technically optimized manner before they are posted? Facebook and the other social media channels provide guidance on the best way to format content so that it is pleasing to the eye, optimized for best performance, and grabs attention. Dedicated social media managers stay on top of the latest guidance that is continually released from these various channels.
  • Do you know what kinds of posts engage your audience rather than turning their interests elsewhere? Has your funeral home Facebook page simply turned into an online repository for obituaries? Are you too aggressive in trying to market your services? Your social media manager knows how to utilize an appropriate balance, because s/he is paying attention to your analytic data and can determine what kinds of posts tend to turn off your audience.

Unless you are a large-scale operation, you simply cannot afford to hire an in-house social media expert. This is why you need to consider DISRUPT Media for your social media management needs. We can craft a Facebook strategy tailored to your business using our exclusive four part FUNERAL Social Design Process. Our process is what enables DISRUPT Media to claim that we are the funeral profession’s only full-service social media management firm. Our clients who are a part of our FUNERAL Social Design Process are seeing an increase in post reach and engagement of over 300%. Go to http://funeralsocial.com to find out more about the services we offer.