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New urn vault cover designs offer more personalization

June 10, 2015

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New urn vault cover designs offer more personalization

Danville, Illinois – Trigard is excited to announce the transformation of their Trilogy® and Reflection® urn vault covers. The updated designs make it easier for families and funeral homes to see the relationship between their burial and urn vaults. Plus, the Trilogy Simulated Stone urn vault now gives families the option to honor a loved one with a personalized Appliqué, much like the Trilogy Simulated Stone burial vault.


There are no changes to Trigard’s other urn vault products, including the popular, lightweight Millienium® urn vaults and the Aegean®, Healing Tree® and Elite® urn vaults, which are still available with a special lightweight concrete formula. Call 800.637.1992 to find a Trigard dealer near you.




ABOUT TRIGARD – Trigard is a family owned and operated business based in Danville, Illinois, that has catered to the varying needs of the death care industry since the 1960s. Trigard regularly hosts Trigard University, a program dedicated to assisting burial vault dealers and funeral directors by providing the necessary tools to make their firms succeed in today’s funeral industry. Trigard believes working closely with other death care providers enhances our knowledge of the industry and allows everyone to stay a step ahead in today’s changing marketplace.