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FuneralTech Introduces Cutting Edge Parallax Web Design With Seasonal And Holiday Packs

April 30, 2015

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FuneralTech Introduces Cutting Edge Parallax Web Design With Seasonal And Holiday Packs

Kingston, On – FuneralTech continues to push the envelope with cutting edge web design by introducing all new Parallax designs.  Parallax has been around for a while but we don’t see it very often in funeral service.

What is Parallax?

Parallax is defined as the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

“We have had several clients ask us if we could design a website that incorporates Parallax into it.  So naturally we challenged our design and implementation team to see what they could do.  After a week they had absolutely nailed it.” says Jon Clare, CEO of FuneralTech.  “We didn’t stop there, we felt we can make this even more attractive for our clients and potential clients.  In 2013 we introduced multiple themes that clients were able to change with the click of a button.  The idea was to give them the ability to change their website design with the seasons, holidays and so on.  This concept has basically given the funeral home more than 15 different  designs with their FuneralTech site, all this at no additional charge.”

FuneralTech is always innovating new ways to keep their clients in the most cutting edge solutions available online today.  With this new release FuneralTech has enabled their clients to really customize their website for summer, spring, winter, and fall.  They can change the design for Christmas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and so much more.  All while keeping the personal element of their website for the community.

Some of the themes released for the new Parallax website designs are Patriotic, American Eagle, Statue Of Liberty, Butterflies, American Flag, Washington Monument, Summer Sunset, Beach, Forest, Rainbow, Fall, Sky, Dove, Family, Winter, Roses and so much more.  Each website will come with roughly 16-20 stock themes.

FuneralTech will also customize your own theme packs to allow you to use local imagery from your city or community.  You can also start from the beginning and create your own custom designs with the FuneralTech design team.

“The addition of Parallax Website Designs will allow our FuneralTech customers to be way ahead of their competitors websites. I believe that these websites will set a new benchmark and I am proud that FuneralTech was the first company to offer this type of design to our customers!” says FuneralTech President, Mike Hepburn.

Contact the FuneralTech team to view the new Parallax Website Designs in action.