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Online Memorial Platform QEEPR Makes Tribute Integration Free For Funeral Homes

April 28, 2015

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Online Memorial Platform QEEPR Makes Tribute Integration Free For Funeral Homes

Montreal, QC – April 27, 2015 – Canadian based tribute website platform, Qeepr, has extended its offering to allow funeral homes an alternative way to publish media rich memorials. The move comes amid consolidation within the online memorial market and the Qeepr team is determined to offer funeral homes and cemeteries an easy to integrate, full featured alternative to other existing providers.


“The team is really confident that the platform provides the best solution,” said founder Mandy Benoualid. “That’s why we’ve extended memorial integration access to be free to try for anyone.”


The Qeepr integration allows funeral homes to publish elegant, modern memorials on their existing website with minimal technical knowledge. Qeepr prides itself on its integrated condolences, unlimited video and image uploads with social commenting and “liking” capabilities, genealogy, and much more. The concept behind Qeepr allows for multiple “keepers” of the online memorial, providing family members easy access to collaborate and add unlimited content. The memorials are stored on the Qeepr website so that large media files will never effect the website it is connected to. Since Qeepr memorials are free forever, tributes will never be lost, even if a funeral home changes website providers or decides to remove information.

Since launching their memorial integration in October of 2014, Qeepr has continued to expand the capabilities to meet the needs of their customers. “Bulk importing of data and records was a big request that was recently added for large providers and cemeteries looking to expand the online presence of their tributes,” said Benoualid. “It has made it much easier to offer a great service that works for funeral homes and cemeteries of any size.”


Through the memorial integration, a new customer can quickly get unpublished records online or switch from an existing provider. Unlike other memorial sites, Qeepr provides cleanly designed memorial pages with no Google ads to distract from the true purpose and value of the tribute page. The modern design of the site was built from the ground up to be optimized for funeral home visibility in search engines like Google and Bing.


Another unique feature of the platform is the ability to link the cemetery monument to the obituary, photos, videos and condolences through the mobile app. The Qeepr mobile app extends the online tribute profile into the cemetery, providing instant monument directions and the ability to discover the lifestory of the deceased.
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Qeepr [kee-per] is the only social memorial platform forever connecting funeral professionals with their client families. Qeepr memorials seamlessly integrate into cemetery and funeral home websites, allowing an interactive, meaningful experience for families and increasing web traffic. Memorials can be easily connected to monuments through the Mobile App, allowing visitors to receive directions in any cemetery and discover the lifestory behind the monument in the snap of a picture or by scanning a Qeepr Code. For more information, visit
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