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Why Investing Exclusively in One-Way Advertising No Longer Makes Sense

March 26, 2015

Why Investing Exclusively in One-Way Advertising No Longer Makes Sense

A recent Internet advertising bureau study indicated that 90% of consumers, after interacting with a business on social media, would recommend the business to others. To put it another way…if you have online conversations with your potential clients, they are more likely to choose you when they have a need for your funeral-based services.

So, should you continue to spend the bulk of your advertising dollars on one-way promotions in which there is no opportunity for you to engage with the public?

Social media provides the most cost effective way for you to engage in two-way advertising. Traditional methods of promoting your funeral home may still have some value, but the fast-paced, Internet based world of today demands that you shift your spending to more effective means. Consider this graphic:


Now consider where your advertising dollars are currently going. Isn’t it time to invest in ads that allow you to engage your public in the forums where they are living and active?

A little research on Google yielded the following information:

The decline in access to static, one-way advertising sources is an obvious indicator that you need to invest more time and resources there when trying to get the attention of consumers.

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