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Passare Releases 20th eBook: “How-to Build Your End-of-Life Support Team”

December 16, 2014

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Passare Releases 20th eBook: “How-to Build Your End-of-Life Support Team”

Resource Guidebook Offers Thoughtful Advice to Ensure Final Wishes are Honored, End-of-Life Matters are Clearly Articulated


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 15, 2014 – Passare, Inc., a trusted and relevant source for End-of-Life planning and management, today announced the release of a new eBook entitled “How-to Build Your End-of-Life Support Team.” The latest addition to the company’s growing library of content, this guidebook offers practical advice for creating a trusted support network to help facilitate end-of-life. Nancy Rust, co-founder of Y Collaborative, contributed to the eBook and is an advocate for end-of-life education and planning. The new eBook encourages readers to actively solicit help from family, friends, and advisors to ensure end-of-life choices are clearly identified and articulated. The eBook conveys the need for building a support team to help ensure financial and legal matters are correctly administered as well as medical decisions.


“Our experience helping families through this process has shown that advance planning and forethought goes a long way in helping to ease family stress and ensure peace of mind,” said Rust. “There are many benefits to creating a dedicated support team. By clearly defining roles and functions, you can reduce dependence on one or two people, help prevent family conflicts, and ensure that your final wishes are honored.”


“How-to Build Your End-of-Life Support Team” outlines all of the important considerations when selecting your network: Benefits of an End-of-Life Support Team; Identifying Your Team and Their Roles; When and How to Choose Your Team; Creating Your End-of-Life Support Team, in addition to a How-to Build Your End-of-Life Support Team Checklist and Resource List.

“We’re proud to offer this eBook in conjunction with Y Collaborative, whose mission is very much aligned with ours,” stated Charles Picasso, CEO of Passare. “Both organizations are committed to delivering education to facilitate difficult end-of-life conversations and decisions. Passare remains dedicated in its mission to help people to explore, learn and plan for end-of life matters.”



Passare, Inc. is the industry’s first and most comprehensive End-of-Life management platform. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the privately held company leverages technology to transform both the way funeral homes will operate in the 21st century and the service experience for families. Passare eases the emotional, financial, and logistical burden by guiding families through one of life’s most important passages with greater simplicity and peace of mind. For more information, please visit


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Y Collaborative is a consultancy specializing in end-of-life education and planning. Based in Houston, Texas, the organization helps individuals, families, and organizations reduce stress and better plan and prepare for important end-of-life matters. Y Collaborative was co-founded by Nancy Rust—a Certified Senior Advisor and trained Hospice Volunteer—and Susan Abel Lieberman, Ph.D., an author, executive coach, and former leadership director at Rice University. To find out how Y Collaborative can help you through end-of-life transitions, please visit: