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What Your Funeral Home Competitor Hopes You’ll Never Discover: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Funeral Home Marketing Strategy

November 23, 2014

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What Your Funeral Home Competitor Hopes You’ll Never Discover: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Funeral Home Marketing Strategy

Local funeral homes just got their wakeup call: Funeral Futurist Robin Heppell launches his best training program to date: The go-to reference and resource for marketing and advertising for Funeral Homes – the Funeral Marketing Blueprint – Home Study Edition.

Victoria, BC – Robin Heppell knows funeral home owners and managers have a choice in which programs they invest in for their firm’s growth. With funeral homes investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year in professional development, the Funeral Marketing Blueprint program has been developed to give members a complete road map for their marketing initiatives.  It is based on over 25 years experience, over $70,000 of education, the development of over 200 funeral websites, and the creation of a multimillion dollar preneed program.

John McQueen of Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg, FL, said, “After taking the program, I know that I made the right choice by investing in Rob and the Funeral Marketing Blueprint program. Any funeral professional out there that wants to be successful for years to come in their market should make sure that they take the Funeral Marketing Blueprint program.”

Robin Heppell, the creator of the Funeral Marketing Blueprint proclaimed, “What makes this program a really unique learning experience is that it is a complete plan with a consistent message that can be implemented. It can be applied at a very high level to an entire marketing plan or down to creating a simple ad for a church bulletin or hospice flyer.”

Program members will gain easy, step-by-step knowledge on all of the following:

  • How to incorporate all marketing channels including print, direct mail, websites, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and online reputation management into an easy-to-implement marketing plan
  • How to educate potential client families to choose one firm instead of their competitor
  • How to easily track the effectiveness of the funeral home’s advertising and eliminate the “guessing of what half of the advertising” works
  • How to have the Funeral Home “Top Of Mind” at the very moment that a client family chooses a funeral home
  • How to access what strategies are right for a specific market and how to implement them immediately to get maximum results

Jeremy DeBord, 4th Generation Funeral Director & Owner from Lancaster, PA. stated: “Way too often funeral home owners are unable or unwilling to adapt to the changing environment but spending some time with Heppell really was a breath of fresh air of someone who is in fact a forward thinker.  I enjoyed the “flow” and “order” of the Funeral Marketing Blueprint starting with the marketing “legends” which have pioneered the world of marketing and the strategies and theories that they follow.”

The Funeral Marketing Blueprint reveals insider secrets and proven techniques to making a funeral home’s marketing plan more effective and easier to follow.

This home-study program is delivered with a combination of a hardcover binder – filled with all of the training slides, checklists, worksheets and other resources – together with access to a private, online membership website with all of the training videos, live and recorded question and answer sessions, plus additional how-to tutorial videos and resources to allow funeral homes to put these strategies into action as quickly as possible.

When asked about her thoughts on Heppell’s Marketing program, Anne Geib of Geib Funeral Homes of New Philadelphia & Dover, Ohio said, “Rob’s done an excellent job of not only telling about very technical details but providing overview, how it can fit into your entire marketing plan. We’re learning why you do things, how to measure them, and how it’s going to benefit your company, which I think has been exceptional for me. Not only has he given us very specifics, but he’s allowed your mind to wander and to figure out how it fits into your organization. It’s been incredibly helpful.”

In particular, members will receive:

  • All Funeral Marketing Blueprint Worksheets, Checklists & Resources
  • Funeral Futurist Online Price Comparison System
  • Funeral Futurist Turnkey Online Review Generator System
  • Funeral Futurist Social Media Maximum Effectiveness – Minimum Effort System
  • Online Membership Area to access all multi-media and editable resources
  • 8 Live-Online Q & A webinars
  • 2 Live-Online Marketing Makeover webinars where I will review your current advertising assets

The current enrollment of the Funeral Marketing Blueprint program will be open until December 1, 2014. Complete program details can be found at

For a sample of the worksheets, the 2015 Funeral Marketing Calendar can be downloaded for free at:

On Friday, November 21, 2015, there is a free Funeral Marketing Q & A Teleconference available to all members of the funeral profession. To register, go to:

About Robin Heppell

Robin Heppell, CFSP of is recognized in the Funeral Profession as a marketing strategist and thought leader for positioning funeral homes to embrace the future and has spoken in front of thousands of funeral professionals on topics of Marketing, Strategy, Competition, Websites, Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords.

For a brief overview of the Funeral Marketing Blueprint and the 7 Ms of Funeral Home Marketing, go to to download the Blueprint Overview.

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