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Speck Funeral Home Sold to Chris Speck

November 8, 2014

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Speck Funeral Home Sold to Chris Speck

Speck Funeral Home was purchased on August 29, 2014, by longtime employee, Chris Speck.  Speck Funeral Home, located in Livingston, Tennessee, was originally named Ridley Funeral Home until it was purchased by Ira Speck in 1940. It has been owned in the same family since that time, most recently by David Parsons, the grandson in law of Ira Speck. It is with great pride that Chris Speck, a distant relative of the original owners, will continue the Speck tradition in Livingston and the surrounding communities.

NewBridge Group represented the former owner, David Parsons in the transaction. Chris Speck stated that, “I’m excited to be able to continue the Speck family tradition of courteous and professional service that families in the Livingston area have come to expect from Speck Funeral Home.” Mr. Speck added “Newbridge’s patient persistence throughout the process was just what was needed to ensure a successful transaction. We are all very happy with the outcome, and I would recommend NewBridge to others.”

David Parsons will continue to assist in the operations of the business as needed, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

For more information please contact Tony Kumming with the NewBridge Group at (260) 255-4544.