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Weigel Interviewed by Dan Isard on his Funeral Radio Show

November 5, 2014

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Weigel Interviewed by Dan Isard on his Funeral Radio Show

Weigel Strategic Marketing Also Continues Alliance with Frontrunner Pro

Indianapolis:  Joe Weigel, principal at Weigel Strategic Marketing, was recently a guest on the Dan Isard show on Funeral Radio, the largest online radio network dedicated to funeral professionals.  During the interview, Weigel and host Dan Isard discussed the many challenges of marketing in funeral service today.  In their discussion, they chatted about the ongoing need for effective communications and public relations in funeral service.   The interview may be accessed on the Funeral Radio website at

“When Dan asked me to do the interview, I didn’t hesitate to agree,” commented Weigel.  “Over the years, I have developed a healthy respect for Dan.   He is the true epitome of an iconoclast, which is what endears him to many and alienates him from some. I knew the experience would be a rewarding one.”

“Joe is the consummate professional when it comes to the subject of communications in funeral service,” stated Isard.  “He has crafted communications for both Wall Street and Main Street.  I know our listeners would find his perspectives relevant, especially his time at Batesville Casket, which is why I asked him to be on the show.”

Weigel also has announced that his firm has renewed its relationship with Kevin Montroy and the team at Frontrunner Pro. As one of Frontrunner’s Integration Partners, Weigel Strategic Marketing’s communications services are seamlessly integrated with the FrontRunner system to ensure an effortless ordering process by funeral directors.

“Remaining aligned with Kevin Montroy and his team at Frontrunner Professional was an easy decision”, commented Weigel.  “Kevin’s business model reinforces the integrity of the funeral profession while helping funeral professionals build the trust of the families they serve.  Since I have known Kevin, he has always put the needs of the profession before those of his own company.”

“We are delighted to retain Weigel Strategic Marketing on our roster of vendor partners”, stated Kevin Montroy, CEO and founder of FrontRunner Professional.  “Joe Weigel provides a very strategic focus to any communications challenge, not to mention his strong public relations and branding expertise.  He brings an exceptional and unmatched level of communications skill to FrontRunner’s funeral home customers.”


Weigel Strategic Marketing helps companies in funeral service develop strategic marketing plans and highly effective communication programs.  Weigel has more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience in funeral service as well as spending his early career working for several advertising agencies and public relations firms in the Midwest.

About Weigel Strategic Marketing:  Weigel Strategic Marketing is a marketing consulting firm delivering expertise across three interrelated disciplines: strategy, communications and branding.  To learn more, visit, call (317) 608-8914 or email the company at [email protected]

About the Foresight Companies:  The Foresight Companies, LLC provides the most comprehensive list of services to funeral service professionals nationwide.  The company offers extensive expertise in the areas of valuation, succession planning, business management, mergers and acquisitions, and preneed.

About FrontRunner Professional:  FrontRunner Professional is a leading technology provider to funeral professionals in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.  FrontRunner’s innovative solutions to help funeral professionals more effectively manage, market, and grow their businesses.