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Body Movin: Transferring A Decedent From a Chair to a Cot

October 22, 2014

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Body Movin: Transferring A Decedent From a Chair to a Cot

We haven’t shared content from The Blonde Morticia in awhile but we thought her latest video was very beneficial and share worthy…especially the outtakes at the end!

From The Blonde Morticia Facebook Page:

Funeral directors, apprentices, funeral assistants, and the like: Does the thought of going on a removal/transfer and having to move the decedent from a chair to your cot give you heart palpitations? Do you shoo the family out of the room for fear of having them watch you struggle? Is your back hurting just thinking of this scenario? Or, have you never encountered such a situation and are wondering how you’d ever transfer a decedent to your cot if it wasn’t lying conveniently supine in a bed??? If any of this resonates with you, watch my new video; you might just learn something that will allow you to better serve yourself, your funeral home, and (most importantly) your families.