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FrontRunner announces the release of its Celebration of Life – Arrangement AideTM Module

October 12, 2014

FrontRunner announces the release of its Celebration of Life – Arrangement AideTM Module

FrontRunner today announced that it is continuing their abundance of new releases at this year’s NFDA Show with the release of its new Celebration of Life – Arrangement AideTM  Module.


The new module is web-based, mobile optimized and completely integrates within the new Pulse Business SystemTM. The tasteful, family-friendly interface allows the funeral director or the family to choose a step-by-step question based method or move to the mobile-optimized quick data entry screen which instantly writes to your Pulse Business System platform. It enables funeral homes to provide a consistent arrangement flow with every funeral director and the system automatically morphs to a personalized presentation as information is provided by the family. The system can pull in merchandise options to create a full arrangement with completed contract.


A private password can be provided to the family in an at-need or pre-need situation to use to fill out vital information in the Arrangement AideTM remotely. Families can receive helpful guidance, information, and scheduling reminders of what is happening in real-time over the course of the funeral, including notification of condolences and tributes, actionable to-do lists and prompts to select stationery pieces, quantities and place their order before the first visitation.

“We were very careful to choose the right architecture for this important and helpful solution. Web based was critical to its success to allow real time data flow. The “buzz” by some software companies is to create app’s that need to be downloaded from the Apple Store or Android Play Store. Those who visit these app stores looking at these apps quickly see the mere 2-3 downloads of these apps, reinforcing they do more for marketing hype than any real value to the funeral home or the families they serve”, says Jason Truesdell, President of FrontRunner Professional.


We invite you to first look at any app that is on the market, and then have a look at FrontRunner’s solutions. We believe you, like thousands of other funeral professionals will agree, that there is nothing else like FrontRunner’s calibre of technology and visionary approach.


“At FrontRunner we remain committed to watching out for the funeral profession when it comes to technology and maintaining leadership in developing real-life technology solutions that truly help funeral homes and are embraced by the families and communities they serve” adds Truesdell.


For more information on the new Celebration of Life Arrangement AideTM Module, speak to one of our sales or success coaches at 1-866-748-3625.