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The Tuxedo™ Body Sled debuts 2014 at PFDA Conference, Grantville, Pa

September 8, 2014
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The Tuxedo™ Body Sled debuts 2014 at PFDA Conference, Grantville, Pa

The Tuxedo™ Body Sled now available through Dodge.

AUBURN, PA. SEPTEMBER 1, 2014. – Caregiver’s Aide, LLC, Auburn, Pa. is happy to announce the Dodge Company, Billerica, MA is now distributor of our Tuxedo™ Body Sled. The Tuxedo™Body Sled was successfully introduced at the 2014 PA Funeral Directors Annual Conference in Grantville, PA.

The Tuxedo Body Sled may be used at first call where other equipment is not appropriate and may make moving a body from dressing table to casket easier. Body Sled is especially useful for situations where rigid or very large transport equipment will not fit into the work area. Body Sled supplements other transport tools already in use. It sets up quickly with little effort and folds into a small package easily stored and transported.

Body Sled demonstration video can be found on:

The Tuxedo Body Sled is the second generation of the health care product Bed Sled®, introduced by Caregivers Aide in 2007. Karen Shiffert, owner and CEO of Caregiver’s Aide, designed and produced the Bed Sled to enable her to care for her husband who had Parkinson’s disease ( With the passing of her husband in 2013, the Bed Sled, with slight modification, has found a new market thanks to the prompting of the funeral home director who provided services for her husband.

The Tuxedo Body Sled has a black vinyl top layer. The bottom layer is a black gliding fabric with heavy duty black webbing. The sheen of the black webbing against the flat black of the gliding underside looks like the stripe on a pair of Tuxedo pants, thus the descriptive name. Dodge will be your source for both the 54” multi handle Tuxedo and the 72” 12 handle Tuxedo. Contact Karen Shiffert at or 570-739-0908 for further information. Or call Dodge Co. at 800-443-6343

About Caregivers Aide, LLC.

While a caregiver to her husband who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, Karen established Caregivers Aide, LLC, in 2007 to market items she designed, manufactured and used herself. These products assist others in giving care to disabled persons. “You never know where the road may lead.” The funeral industry now benefits from these same products