Do You Give Each Family a Gift?

Customer Service Death Discussions Funeral Industry News Grief August 27, 2014

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Do You Give Each Family a Gift?

This is an interesting question we saw on Facebook yesterday posted by Life Celebration, Inc. They asked ‘Do you give each family a gift and what is your go-to gift?’ You can see the post below.

We have heard from a number of funeral directors that do provide individual ‘thank you’ gifts to client families and this week we were also contacted by a new start up company who specializes in personalized client family gifts. This seems to be a trend that is gaining more steam and one that we would love to discuss.

You can see the post from Life Celebration, Inc below: (if you don’t follow Life Celebration, Inc on Facebook, we highly recommend it. They post very thought-provoking content)

Please let us know below: Do you give each family a gift and what is your go-to gift?