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Passare’s Partner Interview Series with End-of-Life Experts Builds Strong Momentum

August 12, 2014

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Passare’s Partner Interview Series with End-of-Life Experts Builds Strong Momentum

Company Previews Remaining Subject Matter Expert Interviews Designed to Share Insights on End-of-Life Matters 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 12, 2014 – Passare, Inc., a trusted and relevant source for End-of-Life planning and management, today announced strong consumer interest and momentum stemming from its new Expert Partner Interview Series, which kicked off in July. Featuring insightful interviews with End-of-Life (EOL) subject matter experts on a range of relevant topics, the series launched with the first three interviews featured on, to be followed by five additional interviews in the coming months. The series is intended as a way to introduce Passare readers to a variety of Passare experts who actively participate and provide counsel on End-of-Life.


Helping guide families through one of life’s most important passages, Passare launched in late June of this year, with the mission of easing the emotional, financial, and logistical burden by facilitating difficult End-of-Life conversations and decisions. Supplementing the company’s growing library of content—ranging from articles and how-to-guides to checklists and FAQs—the Expert Partner Interview Series helps families educate themselves and make thoughtful decisions on pre-arrangement planning and related EOL topics.


The transcripts for the first three Expert Interviews can be found on


  • Robert L. Shepard, a “preventative attorney” specializing in wills, trusts, and estate planning. Shepard offered insights from a career focused on helping his clients ensure that their assets are passed on to the next generation with minimal government interference.


  • Evan Carroll, author of “Your Digital Afterlife” and co-founder of The Digital Beyond, a blog and think tank devoted to digital afterlife and legacy issues. Carroll shared his thoughts on digital asset management as well as advice on preserving one’s legacy through digital assets in the afterlife.


  • Nancy Rust, a Certified Senior Advisor and co-founder of Y Collaborative, a consultancy specializing in End-of-Life education and planning. Rust gave her lessons learned from helping clients work through EOL issues and explains how advance planning helps surviving family members avoid stressful dynamics.

The remaining Expert Partner Interviews in the Series will feature:


  • Karen Kelleher, an End-of-Life healthcare professional and counselor specializing in degenerative brain illnesses, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. Kelleher discusses trends and issues in long-term healthcare planning and the importance of thinking through EOL issues as societal life spans continue to extend.


  • Jeff A. Perry, a Licensed Agent with New York Life Insurance Company, will share his thoughts and advice on estate planning and building an insurance strategy.


  • Todd Carlson, a vice-president at Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC), will discuss the benefits of thoughtful pre-arrangement planning and other important EOL issues to consider.


  • Dorian J. Carr, a veteran of the US Air Force who now works as a Veterans Service Representative, will focus on EOL services and benefits available to veterans and members of the US military.


  • Susan Lieberman, Ph.D, End-of-Life consultant, co-founder of Y Collaborative interfaith minister, and certified practitioner of thanatology by the American Association of Death Education and Counseling. A passionate and insightful EOL advocate, Lieberman will reflect on questions about aging, denial and dying with grace and dignity.


“An important part of Passare’s mission is to serve as a trusted resource for families to educate themselves and approach End-of-Life issues with dignity and grace,” commented Charles Picasso, CEO and founder of Passare. “Because these issues can seem overwhelming, our goal is to help families through the challenging process through our thought-provoking, concise, and actionable content.  These End-of-Life experts demonstrate the tremendous value of thoughtful advance planning to reduce stress for ourselves and family members.”



Passare, Inc. is the industry’s first and most comprehensive End-of-Life management platform. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the privately held company leverages technology to transform both the way funeral homes will operate in the 21st century and the service experience for families. Passare eases the emotional, financial, and logistical burden by guiding families through one of life’s most important passages with greater simplicity and peace of mind. For more information, please visit


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