What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she has a busy Saturday)

Arts & Entertainment Funeral Industry News August 4, 2014

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What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she has a busy Saturday)

Last week we posted an article about the fashion habits of the internets most popular female funeral director. The article received a mass of comments on our Facebook page and many were negative.

Below is a post from Little Miss Funeral about what she wears on a ‘busy Saturday’ at the funeral home. Read it and let us know your thoughts.

Article By LittleMissFuneral

Just because I’ve been feeling extra good about my outfits this week, I’ve decided to share another little bit of “What Little Miss Funeral Wears”.

Late last night we got a death call, so I already knew I would be making arrangements with a family this morning. I also had to go to the crematory and drop off some paperwork at a local cemetery, so I wanted to wear something that I could move around in easily. Since my favorite  black blazer is currently (still) at the dry cleaners, I wore a little sweater. And you’ll notice my favorite black high heels again. Ladies know what I’m talking about; when you find a shoe that’s cute AND comfortable you tend to over wear them!

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but to spice up my black on black on black outfit I wore a plum color on my nails and lips. And I added a belt. Because why not.

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft    Dress: Ann Taylor Loft  

Belt: H&M    Shoes: Michael Kors