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DNA Memorial Appoints Eckels & Company as Sales and Distribution Partner

August 3, 2014

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DNA Memorial Appoints Eckels & Company as Sales and Distribution Partner

CG Labs, Inc.  is pleased to announce that H.S. Eckels and Company has been appointed as the exclusive sales and distribution organization for DNA Memorial in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Belgium.  “We are excited about our relationship with Eckels and Company.  Their impeccable reputation in the funeral industry for providing quality products, services, training and education to funeral professionals provides DNA Memorial with an excellent platform for the brand” says CG Labs President Jeff Harbeson.

DNA Memorial has developed a proprietary process of extracting DNA from non-invasive mouth swab or hair samples and binding the DNA to silica which can be stored at room temperature indefinitely.  Funeral professionals know that cremation is an irreversible process, all genealogical and medical DNA are destroyed by the cremation process, and disinterment is costly; both emotionally and financially.  Providing families a “last chance” to collect and retain their loved ones DNA is a service to the family by funeral directors with long term impact.

“It’s our belief that funeral directors have an obligation to provide families relevant information so they may make educated decisions.  By providing facts about DNA during arrangements allow a family to make an educated choice and the funeral home benefits either from the purchase of our services/products or minimizing their liability by providing relevant information.  This is the funeral service provider’s opportunity to get in front of a consumer need rather than catching up like cremation or technology” says Harbeson.

“Eckels is pleased to be partnering with DNA Memorial on this important initiative for the funeral profession.  The ability for funeral professionals to collect DNA for will extend the range of clinical care services they offer to their client families” says Eckels President Richard Steele.

DNA Memorial along with Eckels and Company will showcase their services and products at the upcoming CANA Convention in Minneapolis next week.  Visit for more information about how to become a DNA Memorial funeral service provider along with the services and products offered.