Here is What The Internet’s Most Famous Female Funeral Director Wears to Work

Arts & Entertainment Funeral Industry News July 31, 2014

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Here is What The Internet’s Most Famous Female Funeral Director Wears to Work

She runs one of the top funeral director blogs, recently got married and isn’t afraid to wear mustard yellow…which she totally nails!

Little Miss Funeral is one of the most talked about (in a good way) female funeral directors in the profession and she is sharing some fashion wisdom for other female funeral directors, which is greatly needed as we have found a few other female directors who actively participate in #tittytuesday posts on other social networks – not cool.

Below is a post from Little Miss Funeral about her fashion choice: 

Today was a quiet day. No new calls came in and I didn’t have any appointments on my calendar, so I basically sat at my desk all day and caught up on some paperwork and filing. I really don’t wear suits unless I’m working a funeral, so today I dressed a little more ‘business casual’ (in my opinion.) But you see, the thing is, even though I wasn’t expecting to meet with anyone, I still have to be ready to. You never know when the phone will ring and a family will want to meet, or when someone will just walk in off the street.

So I put on one of my only pairs of pants that fit me and a colorful top, and paired it with what I refer to as my ‘lazy girl’ blazer. It honestly feels like I’m wearing a sweatshirt! But it still makes me feel presentable and put-together. I also wore these basic black high heels that for some reason I’ve been loving lately. I swear, I haven’t worn these shoes for about two years and I feel as if all of a sudden I wear them everyday.

(Just a side note; I’m aware I need a haircut. It’s coming soon.)

Anyways, I felt comfortable enough to do my office work, but presentable enough to meet with a family. And honestly, I’m just really proud of myself for wearing mustard yellow.


Blazer: Calvin Klein     Blouse: Forever21     Pants: H&M     Shoes: Michael Kors