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Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. and Suhor Industries, Inc Approve Merger

June 29, 2014

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Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. and Suhor Industries, Inc Approve Merger

BROADVIEW, IL, June 27, 2014 – Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. and Suhor Industries, Inc. announced today that the merger of the two firms has been approved this week by each company’s shareholders and Board of Directors.  The official date of the merger is July 1, 2014.  Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. is the surviving corporate entity.
Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. (WFSI) is a leading provider of burial vaults and cremation-related products.  Suhor Industries, Inc. (SI) was the largest Wilbert licensee and had controlling interest in WFSI.  This merger now brings all SI facilities, services and products under the WFSI umbrella.  Funeral industry products include burial vaults, monuments, lawn crypts, columbarium niches, mausoleums and the Signet Supply line of caskets.  Cemetery construction is also offered.  In addition, precast concrete products are provided to the construction, agricultural and wastewater markets.

The merger results in an extremely strong and financially-sound organization with a solid, well-experienced management team.  In addition to strengthening the Wilbert brand, the merger is seen as advantageous to the entire Wilbert Licensee network.
“The joining of the two companies will provide a platform for growth and diversification programs to be shared with the Wilbert Licensee network,” said Dennis Welzenbach, President and CEO, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. “With our experience in diversification we can provide guidance and even business plans to Licensees who want to expand and strengthen their businesses.  While many Licensees are already active in other markets, particularly precast concrete, we want to help all of our Licensees wherever we can.”
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