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Poll: Would you want to be posed for your funeral?

June 23, 2014

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Poll: Would you want to be posed for your funeral?

The standard pose for the dead at their burial service — lying in the casket, hands crossed at the belly-button — is changing.

Earlier this year, a deceased Puerto Rican boxer was posed standing in a boxing ring for his wake. And last we we shared an article about a women embalmed at a table surrounded by her favorite things.

Although still rare in the U.S., the trend is catching on.

This year a deceased biker in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was towed to a cemetery in a homemade plexiglass coffin, his body astride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. There, in accordance with his longstanding request, he was buried, motorcycle and all.

So we ask you: Would you want to be embalmed in a posed position for your funeral? Please answer below!

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