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14 Most Unusual Funeral Songs

June 22, 2014

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14 Most Unusual Funeral Songs

Every funeral is different and unique to that family and we would never judge their choices – but these are the 14 most unusual funeral songs.

Unusual choices at funerals, no particular order

1. Why Don’t You All get F***ed — Sky Hooks

2. See you later, Alligator — Bill Haley

3. Smoke on the Water — Deep Purple

4. Roar — Katy Perry

5. He Taught me to Yodel — Mary Schneider

6. Right Said Fred — Bernard Cribbins

7. Black Betty — Ram Jam

8. Burn it off — Blues Explosion

9. Nutbush City — Tina Turner

10. May the Bird of Paradise Fly up your Nose — ‘Little’ Jimmy Dickens

11. Dirt Track Cowboys — Adam Brand

12. Poker Face — Lady Gaga

13. Thriller — Michael Jackson

14. Get the Party Started — Pink