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The Fastest-Growing And -Declining Last Names In The US

June 11, 2014

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The Fastest-Growing And -Declining Last Names In The US

Here is why you’re going to be burying more ‘Garcia’s’ and less ‘Joneses’.

Plotted below are the fastest growing and declining surnames in the U.S. from 1990 to 2000. If you take note of the racial/ethnic background of the surnames, you’ll see an eye-opening trend: Hispanic/Latino surnames are rapidly growing, whereas White/Black surnames are steadily declining in the U.S. (I grouped White/Black because most of the declining surnames were evenly split between White/Black.)


Surnames chart 


For those who follow the news, this finding should be fairly unsurprising: Hispanics/Latinos have been leading the U.S. in population growth for quite some time now. So while Lopez is probably gonna be all right, Jackson will soon have to beat it from the most common surname charts.

Just for fun, here’s the growth trends for some celebrity surnames:

  • Roberts: 366,215 in 2000 (-3.8% from 1990)
  • Ford: 178,397 (-12.5%)
  • Carey: 54,924 (+16.2)
  • Monroe: 53,475 (-2.3%)
  • Hanks: 17,141 (+14.9%)
  • Pitt: 8,666 (-12.9%)
  • Eastwood: 5,113 (+2.8%)
  • Bieber: 4,294 (-13.7%)
  • Cruise: 3,058 (-38.5%)
  • Johansson: 2,429 (-2.3%)

The U.S. Census Bureau hasn’t released the list for 2010 yet.
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